Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Making it Work!

"Why don't I have a Good Relationship??? God is so Cruel!"

This is one statement that all my single friends say...

The frequency of this statement is the same as, "Who wants all that tension. I am happy that I am single!"

Not to seem like a know-all of relationships, but honestly no single person has the faintest idea of how difficult it is to manage a relationship and to keep it alive... barely...
The worst period of every relationship starts with the 3-year-itch! You thought the 1-year-itch is bad? Well, then the 3-year-itch is hell. By the 3rd year into a steady relationship, you feel... hmm, how can I put it... Pathetic!!!

And then there is the 5-year-itch. This is the most trying and testing time of your life. And this itch affects both the guy and the gal. Trust me! Nobody is immune to it. And there is no vaccine to prevent it! In our fifth year, we broke up. Yes we did! What a shocker! My friends were more shocked than I was! They thought our relationship was made in heaven. Well, no buddy, no relationships are made in heaven. They require the blood, sweat, and tears (literally) of both persons involved. But luckily for us, we realized that it was a stupid decision to breakup and got back together again (after 7 months!). But this ugly, dirty, fat cloud has a silver lining too.  Post our mini-breakup, we have been the happiest. Both of us have realized the value of what the other meant to us.

So, all I want to say is. If you are single you really are happy, but never complete! And, if you are in a relationship then you have to realize that no relationship is perfect. You will have your ups and downs. But it all depends on how much you are willing to make it work. It all depends on you both, and nobody else!

- John Doe
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