Tuesday, 11 October 2011

A Month of Living with a Woman

Yup! It is the 11th of October today.

Exactly one month back, she arrived with 4 bags (honestly, I expected more!) to live with me. We got engaged. We started a new chapter in our life. And it has been a month since.

So, dear men, here are a few things nobody will tell you about living with a woman:

1. First and foremost, when a woman says, "We will live together, but I have taken the oath of chastity until marriage", don't be a gentleman and say - "That's O.K. babe, whenever you are ready!" Cos' you will repent that statement forever and ever. I mean, you will repent so much that you will die a little each day. :(

2. Are you the kinda guy who likes to leave his room in a mess? Then dump your girlfriend and never get married! NOW! DO IT! And run for your life. Mine doesn't ask me to clean up! But follows me around like a puppy and cleans after me. End result - I cant find one damn thing. Each time I have to find her to find something!

3. Start taking memory pills - Cos' the number of "Do you remember, that one time..." questions are just going to triple now! And now you cant fake another important call and hang up, cos' she is right in front of you and is not going to let you off that easy.

4. Love watching movies? Forget about it. Don't get me wrong, you can watch the genres (read "Chick-flicks") that she also likes. But if you wanna watch something like Transformers or Final Destination. Tough luck bro! It is exactly when you will sit to watch a movie will she say, "Do you remember, that one time..." Arrgh!

5. Sleep late, Wake up late! Not anymore! My friends were shocked to hear that the guy who had dinner at midnight, slept close to 03:00 AM and woke up at noon for the past 7 years; now has dinner at 09:30 PM, sleeps at 10:30 PM and wakes up at 07:30 AM. *sniff sniff*

And if every cloud has a silver lining, this one has a few golden ones:

I am finally having 3 meals a day. Goodbye to skipping meals! (Oh yeah! She is a good cook! Really!)

I have (almost) quit smoking!

I have (finally) started working out!

Free massages!

My room is clean at all times without my having to do anything!

My clothes are all always pressed and ready for office!

And... I always have someone to keep reminding me that I am loved...

And the best part is that all this is done without any complaints, cos' strangely enough, she enjoys doing it!!!

So after a month of living with you babe, I just have one thing to say:

There is nobody else I would rather be with! Happy "One-Month Engagement Anniversary", Babe! I Love You! Always!!!

- John Doe

P.S. That last part had to be added. Or dinner would not be on the plate. It would be on my face! :P
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