Monday, 3 October 2011

Status: In a Relationship! In India!

Ah Well, I am back with my second post... Fed up of hearing Jane say "I will surely post my 1st one today", since the past one week. Ya, she is quite swamped with her new job, plus taking care of the house, etc... Can't really blame her!

So, everybody knows what it feels like to be in a relationship. But not many know how it is to be in a relationship in India! People just imagine that relationships are college time affairs and will never get serious. So they are shocked when it does. 

Don't get me wrong, not all parents in India are so "traditional", if I can call them that. Love marriages are much more common in India now. But that is not what my parents thought. I had a fun childhood, no restrictions, cos' both my parents were well educated (yeah, that is still a big thing in India!). But everything changed in a jiffy when I said that I was serious about my relationship.

"What nonsense!" My dad screamed. "I had an affair in college too. I dumped her ass and married the gal my dad asked me to. And look how happy, I am"

I always wonder why my dad speaks only in English once he gets angry. But then, I do the same thing too. Ya, they are happy alright. Have never seen them fight, ever!

But... "I am not you, dad"

This went on for 7 years until I decided to take a step further and get engaged. And after I did that, I told my parents that I am engaged now. 

"You lied to us. You are a cheat. We don't ever wanna see your face again!"

Oh yeah! Those were his exact words. Verbatim. And after that, no calls! 

Me being his son, haven't really called back either!

But then, it is not easy as it seems in mushy bollywood movies. I miss my parents. I miss talking to them. But then it all seems worth it when I am with Jane. Cos' that is what I really want. And I know it well enough to do anything otherwise. 

Does anyone out there have any similar experience? Does it get better? Tell me it does!

- John Doe
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