Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Conquering the stalker!!

I sheepishly admit here that I have been stalking John online for a long time till recently. Now this very bad habit of mine started as soon as we were on a long distance relationship. When we started going around we used to meet daily. But when we both moved to different locations, it became difficult to talk daily, forget meeting. So I started keeping a track of his life in orkut and facebook rather than asking him directly. 

In the beginning it was just checking his scraps to know who all he had been chatting with. Then it became a ritual where I would keep on checking his scraps every now and then. Not to mention the times I would call or message him to know who a particular person was. “Who is Malavika? Why is she always commenting on your updates? Why is Rohan always tagging you in his photos?”
Needless to say he became so annoyed with all my atrocities that (no, he didn’t unfriend me), he deleted his profile itself. 

Then Facebook saga started. Taking lessons from past (read bitter) experiences, he didn’t add me in his friends list from the beginning itself. And even though we had around 67 friends in common, we remained as strangers in the FB world. But being the prick I am, each day I would pester him to add me to his friends’ list. And after four years of pleading and begging, voila, he sent me a friend’s request. And again my stalking pace resurfaced. 

Squabbles and tears followed. I would irritate him if anyone takes the liberty to call him pet names. If that happens to be the opposite sex, I would literally throw the worst fit. (Apart from being a stalker, I am super possessive too. So pet names are reserved only for me, tats my logic) After some days I realized that I am not mature enough to take things in a proper way. So I myself unfriend him. 

But everything changed in a jiffy once we started living together. I realized his world actually revolves around me. That unlike my presumptions, I am the center of his universe. And it made me realize what a fool I had been. His FB account is always open and I don’t even feel a need to stalk. He showed the meaning of transparency in a relationship. There was nothing in his life that I didn’t know. And he taught me this in the right way. Had he shouted or lost his temper over my deeds, I wouldn’t have learned this at all. But instead he showed me how to be open and love unconditionally. I am admitting this first time, yes, I have conquered the stalker in me.

- Jane Doe

P.S. I am there in his friends’ list now. And the funny part is that we both don’t even have enough time for each other and that we barely log in to FB these days.  
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