Sunday, 27 November 2011

Opposites Attract??? Ridiculous!!!

"I have to pee!"


I momentarily took my eyes away from the screen to look at her. "Are you serious?"

"Ya! Why is that so shocking?"

"Cos, I don't remember the last time a match was so interesting!" I said. Actually I did, it was the "438 match" between South Africa and Australia in 2006!

"How much longer?" She was pleading now

"We need another 3 runs from 3 balls to win this test, and all we have are bowlers at the crease! Now shut up and watch!"

Now this, you might think, is a one time event! But no! There are no two EXACTLY OPPOSITE people than us! What I like she doesn't! And what she loves, I absolutely hate!

"We have so much in common" is something that I hear atleast once in every hollywood movie! Then what the hell happened between us? How did we decide that we are good for each other? Given the fact that there is not one same thing that we enjoy, than well, being together! Confusing, Isn't it? Trust me, it is!

One thing that bugs me more, more than her lack of interest in cricket, is that she hates dogs! SHE HATES DOGS! What person in their right mind can hate dogs? And I absolutely love them! It is a well known fact that Bangalore is home to more dogs than people! So I have a great time, watching em play, feeding them leftovers and talking in sweet-sweet voices to em! (Ya, the dog on our street is called Brownie and I call him "Mr. Boownn"! Nothing pisses her off more than hearing me say that!) All she can say is, "Why don't they just kill all these creatures! It is so unsafe on the roads!" [which, unfortunately, is true!] and that, "You love dogs more than me!" [which I am not really sure ;)]

And if I am to make a list of all the things in which we differ, then I would have a whole book, and she would have a book the same size too! But then we get along so easily! Now that we know each other so well, we know how and when to say what! She actually asks me, "Is this a good time to discuss something serious?" after her numerous failed attempts at guessing my mood! I know that she will do something that she doesn't like just to make sure that I feel happy for those few seconds. For example, sitting by my side and asking a 1000 stooopid questions during the crucial over of a cricket match!

"Oh crap! That resulted in a draw! Why couldn't that bugger run one more run? Just one more run! Huh?"

"Can I go pee now?"

"Hey! What about the presentation ceremony?" I said with a wink!

She kicked me playfully as she ran to the loo.

Opposites or not! I know one thing for sure! We ARE perfect for each other! And that is all that matters! Anytime! Anyday!!!

- John Doe

P.S. The above incident is 100% true! It happened during the final overs of the 5th day of the 3rd test match between India and West Indies on 26 November, 2011! Was a thrilling test match for sure ;)
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