Monday, 21 November 2011

Our Blog is so Cheesy!

"Our blog is so cheesy!"

I was on the bed, reading, (The Secret of the Nagas - By Amish) I looked up. Jane was sitting in front of the laptop, left hand on her jaw, right hand on the mouse! She wasn't even lookin at me! She was staring at the home page of this blog!


"This blog is soooooo cheesy!" She said again, turning to look at me now

"I like cheese!"

"C'mon! I am serious!" She looked serious too

"Is that why we do not have any male followers?" I shut my book. Is she right?

"What do you mean? Women are cheesy?"

Oh crap! How did I walk into that one? I had to be really careful now. Being called a chauvinist is worse than being called a racist, or maybe even a terrorist!

"No, no! I meant that... err... we have no men "followers"... I mean, does atleast one man read our blog?" I don't think so!" I put up my serious face too!

"Hmm... You have a point there, I think!" Phew! I was saved! "Is that true? No men read our blog?" She looked sad.

"Well, I dunno! But I don't think so! If they do, they probably think this is too cheesy, like you said!" She was lost in thought already. Is she even listening to what I am saying?

I stared at her for a few seconds and slowly picked the book back up, thinking that this conversation is over.

"We are discussing something! Put that book down!"

HOLY CRAP! How did she see that??? She wasn't even looking at me!

"What? What do you want me to do!"

"I dunno! Do something!!! Write something macho!"

I started laughing now. "Write something MACHO??? Like what?"

"What do men like?"

"Women! Err... atleast most of em do!"

That smile was back again on her face! "I am serious! Do something, please!" she was pleading now

"Come here!" I said

She got up and slumped into my arms and started playing with my fingers.

"Stop worrying about this, babe! Now, think about this - the probability that nobody reads our blog is higher than the probability that men don't read our blog!"

"That is not true! Sukupedia reads our blog!"

"Babe, her name isn't Sukupedia!"

"I know! Sunita Kurup! And so does Sujatha Sathya and Ahamkaara..."

"Ahamkaara is not her name either!" Before she could say "I know..." I said, "Now, what does that mean!"


"It means that atleast 3 people read our blog regularly. So it can't be a total waste of time, right?"

"Ya... Maybe..."

"And, why do you write?" I asked again

"Cos you asked me to!"

"Podi mandhabhudhi! I write cos' I like writing. I like this to be a journal of some kind that we can read back later and enjoy!"

"Ya... That is a great idea!" Her face lit up! "Ya... Like when we are old and we wanna relive these good days again!"

"Kinda, yeah! But then when we get old, we will still be in our good OLD days! I promise!" I winked

"I promise too!" She smiled

I kissed her forehead and picked up the book again...

- John Doe
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