Saturday, 5 November 2011

Work or Life???

This is the day I have dreaded since the past 2 months now...

Ever since I decided that she should leave home and come stay with me in Bangalore, I have dreaded the day when my job would want me to stay back late into the night!

And today is that day (or night!)!

And just like I imagined... it is hell...

It is past midnight and I am stuck at work! With no hope of leaving anytime soon!

The tech lead just ordered food for all of us despite my begging him not to! There are 3 reasons for my not wanting to dine at work:

1. This is the tech lead's way of telling us that we have no chance of leaving anytime soon

2. This means I don't have any chance of eating what she made for me! Full of love! I am not exaggerating here, honestly! I know how she cooks. She makes it exactly like how I want it. It has been like that always. She makes it so spicy (cos' I LOVE it spicy!) that she can barely eat it.
3. I am scared that she will go to sleep without having her dinner. I really hope she did have something!

One thing women do not realize is that men HATE staying back at work, away from her! Honestly! What I wouldn't give right now, to just get up and leave! I most definitely love my job! But not as much as I love her. I am pretty clear about that!

And the worst part is the way she calls to find out the status of my work. Carefully spacing them so that it does not irritate me and yet keeping herself updated. I can imagine her cute-puppy-face as she picks up the phone and dials, silently praying that the news is good.
"Any idea how much more time it will take?"

"Does your technical lead have no family?"

"Who all are their in office?"

"What were you doing all day?"

"Are you hungry? Please have something!"

Notice a pattern here?

One question is filled with care and the one following it is filled with anger and irritation. So that all you feel towards her is love! Cunning, ain't it?

And knowing that she is extremely scared of sleeping alone in a room (used to sleep with her parents till recently), let alone in an empty house, scares the crap outta me! And I feel so desperately lost that I have let her down. But there is nothing I can do right now, except say a prayer that she had something to eat and that she is sleeping peacefully.
The food is here now. As my finger touches the cold fried rice (where could you find fresh hot food at this hour!), I think, "hope you had something, baby!" and then I think, "I am sorry!" :(

- John Doe
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