Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How to Handle a Man?

I got engaged about three months back and my family has not spoken to me ever since. Actually, Dad called/emailed a couple of times to tell me that he won't talk to me again (Ha!). But Mom never spoke to me. No!

But, I have come to understand that Mom is with me all the time, and that just creeps the crap outta me! Don't worry, it is nothing supernatural or paranormal. But it is so damn creepy!

O.K., I will tell you what I mean... Psst... It is my Fiancée! She is my Mom!

I have read a number of articles (funny and otherwise) and have seen a lot of short films (going by the current fad) that say that a man will eventually end up loving someone like his mother. I have despised and scoffed at such "baseless" claims! But things changed once I started living with the one other woman than my Mom, and understood that they are one and the same! Oh Lord!

I am NOT kidding! It started of quite subtly. First it was things like panic attack on spotting a snake (even if on T.V.), never paying attention to what I was saying, being extra bold while dealing with other people (even complete strangers), speaking her mind, being a cleanliness-freak, etc. But then I thought, maybe every woman is like that. That does not make her my mom. But then things went south from there. These days, she even speaks like my Mom and uses the words I have heard only mom use before. It is severe... And I am scared!

But this got me thinking! Why did this happen? And there are two questions I came up with:

  1. Does a guy really look for the qualities of his mom in the gal he finds for himself? Or, 
  2. Does a gal become a guy's mom cos that's how he is best handled? 
To be honest, the second point makes more sense to me. Cos, the above said changes were noticed only since we started spending so much time together. So maybe, the woman's brilliant mind (ya, I have always believed that a woman's mind is far more brilliant than a man's) started to react in the way that will get the work done. So, if my theory is correct, any woman I might have married would have eventually become my Mom.

And if the first point is correct, then it makes sense why (in most cases), these 2 people don't get along. Right? Then they both will be loved and respected by the man, but they will find each other unbearable. And does this theory hold good for men who don't like their mother? (Yeah, I knew few of 'em who don't!) If so, do they end up not liking their wife too? Also, in case of arranged marriages, the mom will usually find someone who is opposite to herself for her son. In that case, does it mean that even if they get along, the husband and wife won't be as happy?

O.K., I think I have confused you enough now. Hope that makes it clear as to how confused I am. So help me solve this, please...

- John Doe
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