Saturday, 3 December 2011

It's Time to Show Some Love!

We might not be a big thing in blogosphere...

But we wanted to make sure that we conveyed how much we love our followers!

Last month, November, was the month of love at SuKupedia. And she gave us our first award and we wear it proudly.

"Chirichondu vaangichaal maathram pora, thirichum kodukenam!" Jane said (Roughly translated as: You were grinning from ear-to-ear when you received the award. When are we gonna give one back?)

So here goes...

I had to design one altogether as no award out there had "We" in it. So, sorry for the delay in expressing our love.

This award is not just cos' we got a award and we wanted to return the "favor"! Trust me! It is not! We just wanted to express our love to all those people who inspire us to write.

Some of you do it by regularly leaving comments. Some of you read and silently leave. Some of you even don't know that we exist. But anyhow, we love and read each and every one of your posts. We comment on some, we read and leave silently from others... But read we do...

Here are our favorites:

1. People We Love - Absolutely:

SuKupedia - Sunita Kurup

Conversations - Sujatha Sathya

Ahamkaara - Sahana Rao

2. People Who Inspire Us to Write:

BigBitz - LeoPaw

Howzzat - Swetha Shanmugam

An Ugly Head - RedHanded

3. People We Love - Who Don't Know We Exist:

Funny Side of Life - Sairam Rajamani

Fu-ck-Lo-ve - R-A-J

O.K. Guys and Gals, Just go ahead and save the above award and display it on your blog. It is totally fine, even if you don't, cos' we just wanted to say - "We Love You! And We Always Will!"

- Jane and John Doe

P.S. There are others who do not blog but do come visit and also leave very motivating comments here. A special "Muah" to all of 'em!
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