Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Taking the Next Step - Part I

Oh! It has been a crazy few days!!!

Things went south from where they were (yeah, even I didn't think that was possible!)...

Monday, 19 December 2011
05:00 PM IST

"We have to do it, babe. There is no other choice!", I said.

She was obviously sad. But she put up her brave face. "O.K. Let's do it!" She said.
It was a good thing that we both had skipped work. Was at home watching a movie when it all started.

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Hell yes! I have been always ready! You were the one putting it off" She said with a smile.

"First we will go to Indira Nagar BDA Complex. I think that is our area. If not, we will try the Domlur one." I said as I was getting ready.

"Chintan did it at Domlur. We should call her!" She chirped!

I ignored her cos' I was far too tensed to do anything else. We reached Indira Nagar BDA Complex. As we parked the bike, a guy came to us and asked, "Kya Sir, RTO?"

I explained the situation. He quickly said, "Nahi, aapko Domlur jaana hai! Yahan pe nahi hoga!"

"I told you na? Chintan did it at Domlur!"

I ignored her again. Now we reached Domlur BDA Complex. Explained the situation to one of the brokers there. "Age Proof, Address Proof, 4 photographs each!" He spoke looking only at Jane and completely ignoring me. "Hell, she can't even understand Kannada." I thought. Then I thought, "Looking at her size, he's probably wondering if she is above 18 years of age!" I smiled.

We told him we had no address proof except for the Rental agreement (which usually worked) everything else was in Kerala address. 

He thought for some time and said, "Thakondu Banni! Extra fees aakathe!" (Bring it, we will try! Will cost you more though!)

We parted after taking his contact details and promised to meet him the next day morning. Stopped at Subway, had a sandwich and head home.

Monday, 19 December 2011
08:00 PM IST

"Everything is totally screwed. I wanna go to a temple!"

We just found out that our usual studio was closed. How do we get passport size photos now? I was driving around looking for another studio. "Why is everything going so bad with us? We should call Chintan and ask her how she did it!"

We found another studio. Got our pics! Took copies of all necessary documents and head home. That was one tension filled night.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011
10:00 AM IST

We reached Domlur BDA complex (of course, after going to a temple, else Jane would have cried throughout!) and called the guy who we had talked to yesterday. "I asked you to come tomorrow, not today! I am on leave today!" He said. 

"Oh God! Things are going from bad to worse" She was moved to tears now.

"Wait! There will be more brokers here. Relax!"

We caught hold of another guy. "Rental agreement se kuch nahi hota bhaiyya! Aur kuch hai? Landline bill, Electricity bill, HR's letter, Councillor's letter, Gas connection..."

Jane has a gas connection in her name. But it is with a friend and he is at K.R.Puram.

"Woh leke aao... Tab kuch kar sakte hain..."


He thought for a while and asked to see the rental agreement. I showed him. "Arre, yeh address toh K.R.Puram area ka hai! Woh wala office jana padega! Yahan pe hum kar sakte hain. Magar fees jyada lagega!" He said with a cunning smile.

"Then how did Chintan do it? We should ask her!" She said again

"O.K., that's it! You stop this Chintan Chintan now!" I screamed

"What? She did it at Domlur. Why are we not able to?" She screamed back


A few minutes of silence. We started driving towards K.R.Puram to get the gas connection details from her friend. 

"Do you know her number?" She asked in her cute little voice afraid that I will shout again



. . . to be  continued . . .

P.S. If you still don't know what Chintan did at Domlur, then you should read this... ;)

- John Doe

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