Sunday, 1 January 2012

How Did You Welcome 2012?

How did we Welcome 2012?

Jane was actually working on New Year Eve! Can you believe it? She had office till 01:30PM. She had already made it clear that we are to keep this New Year Eve simple! So, I picked her up from work and had lunch at 'Beijing Bites'! Then we left to a friend place at Vivek Nagar.

Jane spent the rest of the evening crawling on the floor with their 7-month-old boy as we watched them play. We had a few drinks, then dinner. And left at around 10:30PM.

"Namma New Year @ Namma Metro":

We had controlled ourselves from rushing to "Namma Metro" (Bangalore's Metro Rail Project) as soon as it was launched. We decided to save it for a special day. So, when it was announced that Metro will run till 02:00AM on 31 Dec 2011, we decided to let that be our first time. Not a wise decision, for the crowd was huge. At this point, you should know something. Jane loves the crowds and I hate them. So needless to say she had a wonderful time. Here is why!

Is this M.G. Road?

The Metro ride from Bayapannahalli was awesome (I expected the ride to be faster though!) and we got down at M.G.Road. Now, you wouldn't believe this if you haven't seen it for yourselves - the whole of M.G.Road and Brigade Road was shut down for traffic and people filled the streets. Not just men, but women, kids, young, old, and even a few eunuchs! OMG! It was a sight! I have lived for so many years in Bangalore and have never seen anything so beautiful. TV cameras filled the sidewalk to capture the sea of people singing, dancing and shouting at the top of their voices. At exactly midnight, the crowd erupted... We hugged, kissed, wished each other a very happy new year and head back home. 


[A video from MG Road, Bangalore on New Year Eve - Can't see a thing, but you can hear all the noise ;)]

That's it?

Yup! Pretty much! But we reached home at around 01:30 AM, finished the half-empty bottle of Whiskey and promised that this was the last cigarette ever (and to actually stick to our resolutions this time). We went to sleep at around 03:30 AM. 01 January, 2012 was no different than any other Sunday, except that she made some really delicious "Kerala Chicken Curry" for dinner! Yes, we had a simple New Year Celebration, but it was the best till date for we were together; and that is all that mattered!

So, how did YOU welcome 2012? Tell us!!! :)
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