Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Tiny Silver Lining!

First of all, let me apologize for not blogging regularly. Things are pretty crazy here at our end with the registration coming up - we have zeroed in on the 25th of this month as the date. Couple of mutual friends are coming down on the 24th to be the witnesses. Am I tensed? Well, the butterflies in my stomach have laid eggs, hatched, and have fully grown into more butterflies... Why am I tensed? Not cos' we are taking the next step. But cos' I am scared that something will go wrong and it will not happen. That is the only thing on my mind, right now! And all I can do is pray at regular intervals...

But this post is not about that. Amid all these tensions, we got a reason to celebrate yesterday. Jane has reached the end of her probation period and is now a confirmed employee. Yay! And, (for the curious ones) YES, it does come with a salary hike too! ;)

As she reached home, I quickly messaged her not to make dinner. This is something we should celebrate, right?  So got her a bunch of flowers on the way back home.

She didn't look too excited!

"Mom called" She said. "My uncle asked her when I am going to follow my passion and pursue a career in journalism"

"Let's not think about all that now. O.K.? Let us put all our tensions aside and just have fun for one day?"

Saying this I pulled out the flowers from my bag. The mood change was immediate...

"What? For what did you get flowers?" now she had a huge grin on her face

Thank god for flowers! :)

"We are not downplaying this. Get ready, let's go have dinner somewhere." I said, as I hugged her.

She did not speak for sometime as she played with the flowers. The grin remained on her face.

"Where are we going?"

"Anywhere you want to... Any place in Bangalore that you can think of..."

"Hmmm... Then lets go to that Kerala restaurant in Kammanahalli!"

"What? That's what you want when I say ANYWHERE in Bangalore? We go there almost every weekend."

"I miss mallu food. Please... Please... Please..." Her puppy face was irresistible

So we went to the Kerala restaurant, had Kerala Parotta and Kerala Chicken Curry and reached home late in the night. :P It was a quite and peaceful dinner. No tensions attached.

It wasn't much of a celebration now that I think of it. But it taught me it is fine to let your hair down once in a while and enjoy. And a even more valuable lesson is that, No matter whatever tensions I have, I will never stop loving her! :)

@Jane: Nobody has ever written a poem for me! Yesterday you did! And I cannot explain how much I love you for that. It is better than every letter that you have written to me ever when we were far apart, geographically. It was really sweet of you, babe! Love you too! Muah!

- John Doe
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