Monday, 13 February 2012

A Bad Egg!

"He is such a good kid!"

"He always listens to and respects his parents!"

"He started working soon after graduation to support his parents when they needed it."

"Then... He did his MBA...!"

"He cleared all his papers with good grades!"

"He got placed into a job from his very first interview."

"And then... 

... he went and fell in love with a some girl against his parents wishes and even registered his marriage. What an ungrateful ass! Stay away from him and don't be like him! He is a bad egg!"

I know you all have been waiting since long now to find out how things went at home. So, here it is in one line - Not good! Not at all...

It is just amazing how fast you go from the "poster boy" of your family to the "wanted-poster boy"! Suddenly all your relatives think you are ungrateful and disrespectful. And they cannot stop saying about how they "always knew" that he was a selfish and cunning person who never cared for his parents and don't want you to be an influence on their bundles of joy!

Suddenly the cousins who used to introduce you to their friends as 'my best brother', remove themselves from your friends list and refer to you as a 'distant cousin' who does not keep in touch.

Your own sister's friends message you to tell you that what you have done is wrong, and that I should not make her suffer like this. Listen carefully you dumb bitch - I can safely say that I know my sister more than you do. Cos' I grew up with her! So keep your advises to yourself!

It is funny how your relatives say that their kids would never do anything like this. Ya? She is 7 years old for chrissake. Who knows, she might even grow up to be a lesbian - not that there is anything wrong with it, but we know how you will react to it dear Auntyji!

I love my parents and it is unfortunate that they have to go through what I am putting them through. But, my decision was after I have considered everything that needs to be considered. I did not ask for your opinion. So just keep it to yourself. But if you are going to be rubbing salt on my parents wounds and making things worse for them, be warned... I am going to hunt you down and make sure you won't forget it for the rest of your lives.

Things will be better sooner or later - I am confident about that. Yes, I am CONFIDENT! They are my parents after all, and I am their Son. That is all that matters at the end of the day.

So you all can work hard at twisting yourselves and kissing your own ass, cos' kissing my parents' is not going to get you anything now or in the future!

- John Doe

P.S. Sorry for this rude post. It is just aimed in general at all "relatives" who think that the best time to attack a family is when it is down! This had to be written! Apologies!

Edit - 4 hours later - Now I feel I shouldn't have written this post. Like Jane said, "The first half is a 'brag-a-thon' and the second half is filled with expletives!" So, I am sorry if I have disappointed you. But it is difficult to put these kinda things into words! Hope you understand! :)
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