Friday, 24 February 2012

Wedding is a union of two families

It’s been a while since I jotted down something here. “You have completely neglected our blog”, John keeps on complaining. Last two months saw us going on an emotional roller coaster ride; thankfully together. Tumult is not over yet. My parents have arranged for a wedding ceremony at Guruvayoor, followed by a reception at Trivandrum. Obviously they have to answer to many inquisitive relatives, friends and neighbors who have always been peeping toms in our life.

Mandapam and reception hall has been booked. Jewels, silk sarees have been bought. Beauticians have been assigned and even wedding invitation has been printed.  And at the receiving end, you can see bride and groom without any excitement. It is our wedding ceremony about to be solemnized, but we are the ones least excited or happy.

You must have known the reasons already— Yes, John’s parents are still not ready to accept me. Thanks to some of our common relatives who played their part well in the dirty game of backbiting. 

When they say wedding is not just a union of two individuals, but two families, they are absolutely correct. Because, I feel that in our union there is a huge gap left by John’s family. That I don’t have a new family to take as my own. I don’t have a mom-in-law to welcome me with a lighted lamp. I don’t have a sis-in-law to help me with saree draping. And I don’t have new relatives added to my existing group. My parents don’t have groom’s family to ask for their opinions and suggestions. No discussions on the Maruveedu ceremony where girl’s family visits guy’s house for the first time after wedding. 

And when I miss their family this much, I cannot even imagine the pain John is suffering this time. 

As we look into the printed invitation cards on the table and stare at them pointlessly, John pats on my shoulder and says with his optimistic smile, “It is just a matter of time; they will accept us for sure.” And I lean onto his shoulders hoping to give him strength.  Wedding is indeed the union of two families!
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