Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Mr. and Mrs.

This post is just to say a big "HAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIII!!!!" from us. Yes, we are back! You thought you had seen the last of us, didn't you! Buhaha!!! No way!

Finally, all the madness that surrounds a wedding is over and now we have some time to actually sit and think through what the hell happened in the past few weeks. Whatever it was, it was fun.

Yes, I did miss my family, but c'mon, how much more can I whine about it online. You are probably going to skip this post if I am gonna talk about that, anyway! 

So, in short, yes - everything went well and no - my family has not contacted me yet nor do I expect them to anymore.
But there is a small incentive that comes after a wedding. I am not referring to the numerous gifts (we are planning to open a Chinese Bazaar soon to get rid of all those Dinner Sets and Ice Cream Bowls!) or the really awesome lunch/dinner treats by friends and family (I must have put on atleast 5-6 kgs). I am referring to the social recognition of being married now.

Jane now proudly wears kumkum on her forehead (but whines that guys don't even check her out anymore!) and my name behind hers. She boldly picks up the calls on my mobile if I am not around. I don't do any of those yet - 8 years of a hush-hush relationship and marriage is yet to sink in. Hehe!!! People call up more often too. Yeah, I know all this will wear out soon. Actually, I am waiting for that to happen. To get back to routine. I missed routine!

To all those who are not married yet and are secretly wishing they were (or not! You have your reasons) - Well, it is highly exaggerated. Not married life, but the wedding itself. I am sure every couple on their wedding night thinks - "Did it just get over so fast? Damn!" From the very next day, you are just another married couple. Life before the wedding is really as fun as it is after.

To all those who are married - Though it did get over really fast (especially if it is a mallu wedding), that one day is fun, isn't it? My God, Jane was crazy over everything having to be perfect (Though my Dhoti did come off once and people laughed at me - including Jane!). I can't remember half of it - was dazed throughout - partly from all that really really bright lights from the Camera and partly by the number of people who were introduced to me!

In retrospect, I think all marriages are fun, if it isn't yours. I would chose sitting down there and listening to Jane gossip rather than being up there being the butt of all jokes... Anyday... But then, what has to be done, has to be done...

At the end of all this madness, as we crashed on the bed, too exhausted to even think of hugging each other, I said to Jane:

"Didn't your Kundali say that you have the fate to be married twice?"

"Yeah, isn't that one of the reasons your parents keep pulling up against us?" She looked concerned

"Now you do - one in the Sub-registrar's office and one at Guruvayoor Temple! Nobody said anything about it being with the same guy, did they!" I winked at her

"Ya! That's right! Wow!" She was beaming now!

At that moment all the trouble and pain that I went through during the past 1 month seemed worth it.

- John Doe

P.S. Answering the 2 most famous post-marriage questions below:
  1. No, we did not go for a honeymoon. Not because we do not want to, but because all our savings have been blown on the wedding. Have to start from scratch - we might go in June/July!
  2. Yes, Jane wants to be pregnant A.S.A.P.! I want the same thing too. And yes, we have started trying too *wink* *wink*!!!
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