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A Holiday at Andaman - A Summary!

This is a summary of our holiday in Andaman. If you would like to risk reading the detailed review, you can do so by clicking here --> Day 0

Missing Beautiful Andaman :(
A Holiday at Andaman - A Summary:
  • The best time of the year to visit Andaman is from September to November.
  • The only mobile networks that work there are Vodafone, Airtel and BSNL. No 3G available for Vodafone. Carry one photo and one Photo ID proof if you want to take a new connection there.
  • Carry a lot of extra clothes - you never know if the laundry service is available or not.
  • Photography is banned at Port Blair Airport.
  • Do consider small tour operators like Andaman Island Travels Pvt. Ltd. Look around on HolidayIQ.com to find more such cheap but good operators.
  • Hotel Sun Sea is not a great place to stay, but I do not know if there are better hotels in Port Blair.
  • Sea Shell Resort is a great place to say. There are better hotels, but they cost more. This is affordable, as well as, beautiful - a rare combination!
  • Go wild - Try some sea food!
  • Water sports, available at North Bay Island, is not for the weak-hearted. Think twice before you try them out. All sports cost around Rs.500 per person (may change during different seasons).
  • Carry enough cash with you once you leave for Havelock. You never know when the ATMs there breakdown.
  • Souvenir shopping can be done at Middle point, Andaman.
  • Cellular Jail is a must-see spot in Andaman. Don't miss the light and sound show there.
  • Radhanagar Beach, Havelock is the best beach for swimming and playing around in. Spend maximum time there.
  • Kalapathar Beach, Havelock is the most beautiful of all beaches - Keep your camera ready.
  • Smokers can relax - there is no ban on public smoking here. But be careful that you are not doing so in front of a government office or in front of cops - you do not want to taunt them!
  • No good pubs/bars available at Port Blair and it sucks!
  • Insist on bottled water at all places. Do not drink plain water.
  • Ross Island is big and beautiful. Plan smart so that you can cover most of the island in the short time available.
  • Viper Island is a waste of time. 
  • Scuba diving is available at North Bay Island and Havelock Island. It will cost you somewhere between Rs.3,000 to Rs.8,000 per person.
  • You can carry some corals back home - but it totally depends on your luck if you will be stopped at security check or not. So keep them on the top of your suitcases in case you are asked to remove them.
  • I love taking pictures and I just have a 2GB SD Card. So I carried my laptop. Each days photographs were backed-up into my laptop so that I could freely take more the next day.
  • Makruzz is the best cruise available to and from Port Blair to Havelock. Make sure you travel ONLY by this cruise. The others are all sub-standard.
  • It is not advisable to take a heavy lunch before you go on a cruise. Especially if you are travelling to and from Havelock.
  • Carry some band-aids with you. You may get cuts from corals at North Bay Island.
We will be back here soon... That's a Promise!
These are few of the things that I can think up right now. Please do read the detailed review by clicking here or email us in case you need any further help in holidaying at Andaman. We will try our best to help you out.

Hope you have as much fun as we did! :)

- John Doe

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