Wednesday, 4 July 2012

And now, We are Eight and Countin!


04 July 2004 was when we started goin' around...

As of today, 04 July 2012, we turn 8 TOGETHER! :)

From an acquaintance, to friend, to boyfriend, to fianc√©, to husband has been a long way for me!

When we started this blog, our idea was not to show-off to the world what a "cool couple" we are (cos we are not!) or to show-off how well we both can write (cos we don't!).  :) The idea, in its simplest form, was to have something to do together. Something that we could be excited about doing everyday. And then, that idea (with a lot of support from our initial readers) grew into a log for us to read back and enjoy; or maybe even someday our kids will read to know what we went through to make life possible... 

And then life happened... :)

It is not easy for both of us to regularly blog here mainly due to two main reasons - 1) We are outright lazy! And 2) We have run out of topics that does not give off an holier-than-thou attitude. Whatever new we post looks like, "We blog cos' we are better than you!" It feels so weird even when we read through it the second time! :( Feels like we are bragging a lot and understandably, readers are getting frustrated too! And so, we wrote fewer and fewer each day until everything came to a standstill! But we will be back soon - Never Fear! Buhahaha!!!

Coming back to today, we are kinda relieved to have reached 8 years! Surviving the 3-year itch, the 5-year itch (yes that exists!) and a break-up to get here is no small deal! And it was never easy!

So at this point, if you are struggling with a relationship, all I would like to say is to hang in there and give it your best. For it is true what they say - you would never really know what you have until you lose it. And you never know what you could have until you give it a try!

And for us, we are looking ahead to an itch-free 8th year! Wish us luck! :)

- John Doe

P.S. Happy Anniversary Jane! Love you as much as I did in 2004 (probably even more)! 
P.P.S. Only the Banner and theme has changed. Our URL is still the same :)
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