Friday, 7 September 2012

Being a Housewife!

“I would be content being a housewife if I could find the kind of man who wouldn't treat me like one”

How it feels to be a housewife? All the housewives out there will have their own experiences and verdicts. But I will say being a house wife is simply awesome!

In an unexpected turn of events, one fine Monday morning, I decided to quit my job and sit at home. I must say it was a momentary decision. But it was in my mind for a long time. I never wanted to take a break from work; but I wanted to work for our home, for John!  

My job was paying me well, had convenient timings with no much pressure. I never thought I would give up a job just like that. I did. John was not surprised. Because he always knew that I was never a career-oriented woman (though my relatives and friends think otherwise).  He was not happy however. He had concern for my professional growth; he was already feeling guilty of me leaving behind the journalism field for our life. He feared that I would be confined to the four walls of our home forever.

“I will go back to work once I feel bored here, I promise”, I tried convincing him. “Next job I take will be in my field of interest for sure”, I had to bribe him so much with promises. Finally he nodded yes and I am a housewife since past two months. And you know how busy I am that I didn’t even get time to write or read blogs.

‘Housewives are bored’ is an inappropriate cliché. I have seen my mom efficiently handling the home for more than 25 years. And she is never bored. She is always busy with something or other and is never attracted to stereotyped TV serials. So I took cue from her and started with cooking experiments.  And every evening when John comes back from work, there is a new dish. Special thanks to our Maharastrian neighbour and her superb recipes!

Plus, I got a lot of time to read my books which have been shelved for years (since we, thankfully, don’t have TV). I must say that one of the biggest challenges was to rid off the afternoon naps which were too tempting. I found a way out. Our neighbour has two young kids at the age of one and three, so I would baby sit for the younger one while she takes a nap.

So this has been my two months and I am still enjoying it. Yes, it may be because it’s just been two months and I may get bored in the future. But for the time being this is what I want. To cook for my husband, wash his clothes, iron them, and clean the house before he comes back.

Like how the quote goes, I am content being a housewife because I have a man who wouldn’t treat me like one.

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