Monday, 31 December 2012

12 Things I Love About You

2012 has gone by - An important and eventful year for us!

This one is for you, Jane :)

Here are 12 things from 2012 that mean the world to me:

1. January:
A great month for us - we took the plunge, together, and registered our marriage in Bangalore. You were your bravest when I was completely lost. You took care of me like nobody ever did or will do. Thank You for telling me that you will always be with me.

2. February:
The preparations for a wedding now. I could have never done it without you (pun intended). Thank You for managing everything from the guests list to all the shopping - zero tension for me.

3. March:
The wedding itselfI know that you, like every other gal on this planet, wanted it to be special - but you sacrificed that for me. Thank You for making it a low-key affair like I wanted it to be. 

4. April:
Although we have been living together for almost a year now, it was still a house. Then you took up the responsibility of setting things in order. Right from deciding what the house needs, to pushing me day and night to do all the things I promised I would. Thank You for making our House a Home. 

5. May:
You might say that May was uneventful - but not for me. You cooked for the glutton that I am, took care of me when I got ill, consoled me when I was down, and scolded me when I deserved it :) Thank You for slipping into the role of a wife so easily.

6. June:
Our Honeymoon - My God! What a time we had. You were at your childish best - cracking jokes, laughing out loud, not caring for the world as to what others thought, making me as carefree, and best of all - for the mind-blowing love-making sessions :D Thank You for being such a sport.

7. July:
We turn Eight. It was 04 July 2004 when we first confessed our love for each other. And now we have completed 8 years together. Eight years of pure awesomeness. Every day a new adventure, every day living a small part of our dream. Thank You for being sticking with me through the highs and lows of life.

8. August:
How do you do it? Juggle a job and our family? You love to sleep - yet you woke up early so that you could iron my clothes and make me breakfast. You like to watch late night movies - yet toiled in the kitchen to make me dinner. And you worked from 8-5 so that you could support us financially too. Thank You for transforming from a girl to a woman so effortlessly.

9. September:
You wanted to try being a housewife. I thought you will quit and run back to finding a job. But you surprised yourself, more than me, by being happier than ever through simply taking care of my needs. It was an amazing month - you were so relaxed that I could never manage to annoy you :P Thank You for being the best wife I could have ever hoped to find.

10. October:
You started working again - not because you wanted to. But because you wanted to make your parents proud by working for a major corporation. Now, you had to travel ~60kms to and from work daily. But your care and love for me never went down a bit despite the hectic work schedule. Thank You for being so efficient when I could never ever have managed to pull this off.

11. November:
Our first long separation since we started living together. 15 days of official trip - it was as tough as I thought it would be. With the different time zones, it was much worse in fact. I was the happiest person on earth when I saw you by the door waiting for me when I reached back. Thank You for praying that my trip is successful although you couldn't bear being away from me.

12. December:
Our first new year after our marriage. We have spent many together, but unfortunately couldn't for this one. You back home and me here in Bangalore. I couldn't be more depressed, but at the same time couldn't tell you that. I spent New Year's Eve watching the animated movie Up late at night and made a silent wish - hope we happily grow old together like Carl and Ellie. I hope and pray this wish comes true.

Thank You for a wonderful 2012

Like I mentioned, for the time being, let us live our dreams - one day at a time.

Happy New Year, Babe!

Love you for ever and ever and ever!

- John Doe

P.S. Wishing a very Happy New Year 2013 to you, our readers, too :)

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