Friday, 18 January 2013

It is Not On Us, Really!

Spoiler alert: Ranting and bawling ahead

Well, when John almost gave up on me after continuously asking to write, here I am back with a post. After his wonderful last post, I feel like being a snob for not posting or even replying to him. I have been ignoring the blog for while (yes, I admit it!); not because I lost interest but I didn’t have a moment of spare time once I joined this company. And secondly, I have been preoccupied with an issue that every couple has to face once they are married.

“Hi, How are you? Any good news? ”

Wondering what this is about? Yes, you guessed it right. It’s the most common and weirdest way of asking a married girl if she is pregnant! I am pretty sure every couple had to face this question once in their life time. Just when you think that you have tied all the tongues wagging about your wedding, here comes the worst nightmare. The trauma of getting pregnant! And to make it worse, it’s not the oldies, but young couples who are our ‘so called’ friends, shooting this question at us.

Every time I logon to chat, I have to answer this question. Each time a friend calls, the conversation ultimately reaches this topic and ends with a piece of advice. “Don’t think that you are still kids, its already time for you think about a baby”. I really don’t understand what they mean by this. We got married in the first place when we were ready for a family. So are we stupid to believe that we are still kids? And making a baby is not like tossing a coin for everyone (I know some of them must have been lucky enough).

So me and John have been battling with this issue for some months now. Not because everybody is asking, but cos' we really want a baby. We had decided long back that soon after the wedding, we will try for a baby. And it has been almost 8 months now and I am yet to conceive. Of course, I know that when it is time, we will have our baby. But people who have already started enjoying the bliss of parenthood think that it’s completely on us. How did they make a baby, I wonder?

So this is what I have been up to. Thinking of the day when I will get that Big Fat Positive! Dreaming about my baby bump and above all, about our baby who I am sure will look like John. Hope my next post will be much more pleasant and less depressing. I really don’t like this melancholy tone and want to get over this. 

Wish me luck!

- Jane Doe

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