Friday, 12 July 2013

Back with More News!

Hope you noticed our new banner (it is pretty damn big, so chances are you have!). As of 04 July 2013 we are Nine n' Countin now! Wohoo!!! 

So, I guess Jane has already given an idea on why we have not been posting much recently.

As you guessed, things have been pretty bad with us. And, somehow, we have managed to cope with it all. All thanks to my Woman of Steel, who supported me throughout everything that happened - despite she being the one who needed the most support. I also owe a lot to some of my colleagues, who went beyond their ways to support me. True friends!

But, it is now (as always) time to move on... And so, here I am with more updates...

It has been 3 months since the dreaded incident and I still can't bring myself to call it what it is. (People casually refer to it as a "D&C" - I feel like screaming each time I hear it). We had our scheduled meeting with our Doctor who ordered a baseline scan to check if we are ready to start trying again. Turns out we are! Yay!

12 JULY, 2013
This time, we had decided to atleast wait it out a week before doing a Home Pregnancy Test. But, on the 12th of July 2013, Jane said she could wait no longer. Neither could I. So we bought a test kit and went about our routine. Now, it looks like routine, of course, because this would be the umpteenth time that we are doing this.

There it was. Again. The second pink line started to appear slowly confirming that Jane is pregnant now. 

Yippee, right? No!

There is a saying in malayalam, "Choodu vellathil veena poocha, pachvellam kandalum pedikum!" (Roughly translates to: A cat that once fell in hot water, would forever be scared near normal water too!)

That was exactly our reaction. We just hugged each other and stood there looking at that pink line getting darker and darker - thinking to ourselves - "It is going to be different this time. Everything is going to be okay. And very soon, we are going to be parents!"

- John Doe

P.S. Our early pregnancy scan (the very first one) is on 03 August, 2013. Please do pray for us.

P.P.S. Jane is at home. Complete rest. That means, (I cant believe I am gonna say this) I am cooking. Poor Jane. (I suggested a maid, but she does not want one - I think this is just to make me suffer :P)

P.P.P.S. We will be back with more updates soon. Just don't want to get too excited until the first scan. So, like I said - PLEASE PRAY FOR US!


  1. Thanks Readitt. It indeed is an awesome feeling :)

  2. Congrats, thats an awesome feeling


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