Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lil' Doe speaks!!!

I know you all have been waiting for me :)
So here I am..... stepping onto my Amma's and Achan's blogo-sphere!

This is my second month here outside.. so far, so good with all your prayers and blessings. Just wanted to tell you my birth story with all its glory before my over-enthusiastic dad or mom spill it out.

As you all know, I came out almost 18 days earlier than expected. This is not cos of excess fluid or my mom's tummy being small as doctors say. I just couldn't wait any longer inside. I was holding on until my dad returned from UK and the very next day after he arrived, I made the big entry.

My mom always thought I would be a boy but my dad was damn sure that I would be ME! :P They used to refer me as bulp-julp when I was inside the womb (silly name for a cute baby like me). Funny thing is that they still sometimes refer me by that name! But they have given me a wonderful name and I like it so much. Psst psst.. cant say it here, cos Amma said we will reveal it later! 

Back to my birth story. On 3rd March night, as my dad and uncle were watching the Academy Awards, I decided to give out a hint on my arrival. They rushed mom to hospital and she was taken into the labour room right away. I twisted and turned inside giving my mom a very hard time whole night. My poor dad was seen pacing up and down the labour room waiting for any news.  During wee hours in the morning, my mom started getting pain as I was preparing for my arrival. 

By this time, my grand parents have summoned all the relatives to hospital and everyone was waiting for me. Around 12. 30, I thought, THIS IS IT and started my way down through the birth canal. I could see that my mom was breathing laboriously and enduring so much pain. At 12.55 pm, I made the grand entry into this world. Mom said the first thing she saw was my bum! I was too sleepy to cry my lungs out, so I decided to keep it down and cry very feebly. 

A nurse cleaned me and wrapped me in a pristine white blanket and took me to mom. She was still in pain but managed to kiss me on both my cheeks. Then the nurse took me outside where my dad was waiting impatiently. He almost jumped to the labour room's entrance and took me into his hands. As I looked at him, I could see that he had tears in his eyes. He was so lost in my charisma that he couldn't take his eyes off me. But I had to be returned to my mom for my first feed. Nurse took me inside and kept me next to mom in a bed. I decided to be cranky and didn't latch properly :D

By evening, they took me to my dad and grandpa who were waiting outside while my poor mom was still pricked with IV cannula on both hands. Later we were taken to our room in the hospital where a battalion of people were waiting to see me and I became so tired posing for photos!

So, this is my birth story. And bye for now. Its time for my feed. I will be back soon with more news!!!

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