Monday, 4 July 2016

A Million Tiny Little Things...

Dear Jane, 

This one is for you!

For the 12 Years that we have been together now! For many more that are yet to come!

Since I did not get you anything for this anniversary (Sorry!), I will let you in on a little secret - I started this blog for You! You always have made fun of me for being Public-Display-of-Affection-Challenged. So, this was secretly my way of telling the world how much you meant to me!

So, I decided that the best gift I can give you is to revive our blog... And that's just what I plan to (FINALLY!) do for you this year!

I still remember how excited you were when we started Seven and Countin 5 years ago. How excited you were when we had our first comment! Our first follower! I remember how much this meant to you! This used to be our thing! Our little secret! And it is that excitement that I want to gift to you this year!

I know, we have been pretty busy this past couple of years. Lil' Doe has our hands and hearts full. 

But, as usual, you have still managed to somehow express your love for me (How do you do that!). I now see how it is not in the grandest of expressions that I feel your love... It is through a number of tiny little things, that I still know that we were always meant to be!

A look of concern, a glance of affection, a nod of appreciation, a fleeting kiss, a knowing wink, a fitting repartee, a witty taunt, a brief hug and a million other things that make you... You!

A million things that I fell in love with! A million things that I still love and will love forever! A million tiny little things!

Here is to You! To Us! And to reigniting the excitement this year!

Happy Anniversary, Baby! 

Wishing us a Happy Dozen! And to at least 3 dozen more? ;)

- John Doe

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