Friday, 8 July 2016

And... We are Back! *BOOM*

And this time, it is for real...

Trust me! We promise to be regular hereafter!

And here is why:

1. For starters, we got a new URL!
Yay! We have been planning this for ages, but we were worried about more (trivial!) things like the Alexa Rank etc. Now that this blog was anyway as good as dead... 

2. And we changed our name! 
Yes, Seven and Countin will always be special to us. But, we thought it is high time we called ourselves something else now! And so, being the mushy lil' marshmallows that we are, (and thanks to Nora Ephron) we came up with Tiny Little Things!

3. We are 12 years old now!
And if that doesn't call for something special, then what does, right? 

4. Our Parents are back with us!
THAT'S RIGHT! 2016 has turned out to be an amazing year for us! The biggest problem that we had in our life is now slowly solving itself. My parents finally are okay with the fact that I married someone I love and that I am happy :P We have had an exciting few months - with us visiting them a couple of times and then (Believe It or Not!) they staying with us at Bengaluru for a coupla weeks! In our house! Woosh! Slam Dunk! More on that, soon...

5. Lil' Doe is growing up!
She is making Amma proud (with all her nakhras) and Acha very worried (that she is growing up way too fast!). And she has started going to Play School! Which also means, Jane has more time on her hands for blogging now! Yay!

  • Our parents are back with us!
  • We are 12 Years and Countin now!
  • Lil' Doe has started going to school
  • New URL, New Name. But still the same two people Blogging!
So, you see, we are serious this time when we say that we are now officially BACK TO BLOGGING REGULARLY! AND, BOY ARE WE EXCITED!

- "Over-Excited" John Doe!

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