Thursday, 4 August 2016


It was already dark by the time we reached town. We were driving since the past one and half hours and silence sat between us like a truce. Lil Doe slept throughout the journey giving us plenty of time to prep ourselves for what lay ahead. I had rehearsed this scene a million times in a million different ways and yet the butterflies in my stomach wouldn't stop fluttering. I looked at John as he was driving, focused on the road, but I could sense the holocaust in this mind.

4 years! 4 years since we got married, against all odds. 
4 years since he has seen or heard from his parents or sister
4 years of being detached from the whole family - For choosing me over them!

Sometimes I really wonder if he has ever regretted his decision. Once when his friend asked him if he would go through the pain and suffering all over again for me he smiled and said 'Any day!'. And suddenly whatever I thought I did for him looked so petty. 

He let out a sigh as we took the last turn leading to his home, and I could see the house standing majestically uphill. Two weeks back seeing this house would have been in my happiest dreams and now it looks so surreal. They have called us home; finally. It's homecoming for him and a new beginning for me.

Uncle came and opened the gate and John got down and they hugged and cried for like a lifetime. I touched his feet holding Lil Doe who was already wide awake on my hip and he touched my head. As we parked the car, I could see Aunty looking towards us from inside with one hand on her hips. Suddenly all the butterflies in my stomach went into overdrive. John went in front and hugged her and cried. She said " Don't cry and scare your daughter" while patting his shoulder and looked towards me and said "Come inside". I touched her feet and she bend over and touched me asking me to rise up. 

John's sister brought juice and we sat down in the living room for a while. A few moments of awkward conversations and then the ice was broken. Lil Doe saw her Achachan and Achamma and cousin for the first time. John met his little nephew and they bonded pretty quickly. I watched them all being happy and together and told myself, This is it. This is happiness! 

PS: Though this looks like a happy ending frame of a family drama, it's not. Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!

PPS: Yep! I call my In-laws Aunty and Uncle because that's what I have been calling them since forever. 
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