About Her

A true blue Trivandrumite at heart, Jane was born and brought up there. She has a P.G. in Journalism and has worked in the PR Departments of a number of companies in Bengaluru, Chennai and Trivandrum. She loves reading both English and Malayalam literature (and a lot of awesome blogs).

Currently, she is a very proud Stay-at-Home Mom, who through some kind of sorcery, finds the time to do a bit of volunteer work for charitable organisations around the locality and some freelancing when the lil' one is not snapping at her heels!

Her new found passions (which have actually even surprised her!) are Cooking and Gardening!

Loves Movies, Books, and Brandy. Hates Poseurs, Liars, and Cheaters!

On Tiny Little Things, she goes by Jane Doe, and the following are her posts:
  1. Where Is My St. Valentine?
  2. Mars in my 8th house
  3. Let's Break-Up!
  4. Conquering the Stalker!!
  5. My First Love
  6. Tiff and Tears
  7. Career, Money, or Love
  8. Namakaran a.k.a. I Name You!
  9. Caught between Two Men
  10. Stigma and Trauma of a Live-In Relationship
  11. Wedding is a Union of Two Families
  12. Ugly Duckling!
  13. Being a Housewife!
  14. It is Not On Us, Really!
  15. Where Were We?
  16. How to Lose a Guy in Two Months
  17. Wardrobe Malfunction
  18. Lil' Doe Speaks!!!
  19. When Did I Become a Mother!
  20. Homecoming
You can contact her at jane@tinylittlethings.in

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