About Him

Born in and madly in love with Trivandrum, John's family has moved from there to Chennai, Muscat, Kochi, Bangalore, and have finally settled down in Kollam. He still tells everyone he is a Trivandrumite, although he has been secretly in love with Bengaluru for the past decade. 

With a P.G. in Management, he currently haunts the nightmares of poor software professionals as their Project Manager (when he is not spoiling his lil' munchkin or not irritating his poor soulmate!).

Addicted to movies and T.V. Shows, he is also a big fan of Fiction and Graphic Novels. 

Loves Reading, Procrastinating, and Whiskey. Hates having to leave his Den and Taking out the Trash!

On Tiny Little Things, he goes by John Doe, and the following are his posts:
  1. Making it Work!
  2. Status: In a Relationship! In India!
  3. A Month of Living with a Woman
  4. Crazy Things You Do in Love
  5. Work or Life???
  6. Living through a Break-Up!
  7. Our Blog is so Cheesy!
  8. Opposites Attract??? Ridiculous!!!
  9. It's Time to Show Some Love!
  10. How to Handle a Man?
  11. Taking the Next Step - Part I
  12. Taking the Next Step - Part II
  13. How Did You Welcome 2012?
  14. The Tiny Silver Lining!
  15. 25 January, 2012 - A Big Day for Us!
  16. A Bad Egg!
  17. A Marriage and A Wedding!
  18. The Invite!
  19. Mr. and Mrs.
  20. The One with the Boob-Starer!
  21. A Holiday at Andaman - A Review - Day 0
  22. A Holiday at Andaman - A Review - Day 1
  23. A Holiday at Andaman - A Review - Day 2
  24. A Holiday at Andaman - A Review - Day 3
  25. A Holiday at Andaman - A Review - Day 4
  26. A Holiday at Andaman - A Summary!
  27. And now, We are Eight and Countin!
  28. To Tell Her, or Not! That is the Question!
  29. The True Story of How I Met Your Mother
  30. 12 Things I Love About You
  31. Back with More News!
  32. Early Pregnancy Scan - Check!
  33. Onward We "March" - One Baby Step at a Time!
  34. Lil' Doe is Here - 04 March 2014!
  35. Revenge of the Father!
  36. A Million Tiny Little Things...
  37. And... We are Back! *BOOM*
You can contact him at john@tinylittlethings.in

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