About Us

On 04 July 2004, after having already known each other for about 3 years, we decided to take our friendship to the "next level"! We were both 18 year olds back then. 

Tiny Little Things is simply a journal of our journey since!

We are Trivandrumites who fell in love with Bengaluru back in 2003 and then never really left.

And yes, on Tiny Little Things, we go by the pseudonyms - Jane and John Doe! :)

A Quick Timeline:

About this Blog:
When we started off (back in Sep 2011), we were just seven years into dating, just about engaged, and we used to blog at www.sevenandcountin.blogspot.com. Slowly, we got distracted (Oh! The Blasphemy!) and stopped! In July 2016, we moved to the name - Tiny Little Things and started all over again!

To read more about HER, click here
To read more about HIM, click here

You can reach us at:
John Doe: john@tinylittlethings.in
Jane Doe: jane@tinylittlethings.in
Twitter: TinyLilThings
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